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Michael B. Jackson

Author and Publisher of 3 books, including the best-selling New York Times’ Top Choice, "How to Do Good After Prison: A Handbook for Successful Reentry". Based on his personal experiences, Jackson books are written to inspire, motivate and prepare men and women and their families for successful lives after prison.

In his books the author gives practical advice and information for taking control of your own destiny and success after leaving prison. “Do Good” focuses on one changing his way of thinking and overcoming the traditional barriers he will face in society as a formerly incarcerated person. “Love and Inspire”, is based on letters sent to his online advice column “Ask Michael B” at www.jointfx.com

He is an inspirational speaker and the founder and host of the Internet based radio station, PrisonNationRadio.com.

He has worked in adult and juvenile corrections and parole for more that 32 years.

Raised in a Newark, NJ housing project, Jackson was introduced to a life of crime and heroin addiction at an early age.  At 18 years old, he made his first trip to prison, and for the next 10 years was in an out of prison for parole violations and new offenses.  Like so many men, he became more comfortable behind bars than in the outside world.

One day he finally “got it” and made a commitment to change his life for the better.  Channeling his anger and resentment for positive purposes, he began to put back the pieces of his self-esteem and character.  In 1979, after spending several months in a halfway house, he was paroled and never again returned to prison. 

Within 10 months of his release, Jackson gained custody of his son, Kevin, who at eight years of age had become involved in petty crimes. Kevin went on to graduate from Delaware State College with a degree in Business Management.

He is a passionate advocate for the rights, protections and success of those without a voice.

He lives by the philosophy that “Doing good is the best revenge” and encourages those leaving prison to take control of their own success and “Do good, with a vengeance”.

He is a proud member of the planning committee for the Counting the Costs Hearings convened by NJ Assembly Majority Speaker Bonnie Watson Coleman. These series of history making Town Hall meetings have resulted in legislation being introduced that will bring unprecedented positive reform to the NJ Criminal Justice System.

He frequently conducts workshops and presentations at seminars and conferences, including the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice Conference, in Jacksonville, Florida, The National Associate of Hispanics in Criminal Justice and the Prison Talk Online National Conference.

Today, he lives in the South Jersey area with his wife of 23 years, Suzette. He has 2 daughters and 7 granddaughters.


  • How to do Good After Prison: A Handbook for the Committed Man ISBN (10): 09707436-0-2; ISBN (13): 9 780970 743626.
    A motivating and inspiring book of practical advice and information, to help one to take better control of their destiny and success after leaving prison. “Do Good” focuses on one changing his way of thinking and overcoming the traditional barriers he will face in society as a formerly incarcerated person.
  • How to Love and Inspire Your Man After Prison ISBN(10): 0-9707436-2-9. A frank, question and answer style book for women with a man in prison or involved in the criminal justice system.
  • Como Cumplir Con Tus Ogligaciones Al Salir De La Prision: Guia practica para una vida mejor ISBN (10) 09707436-4-5; ISBN (13) 9 780970 7436-4-0.
  • Ask Shakir” Message Board @ www.jointfx.com
  • Motivating At-Risk Youths, National Juvenile Detention Association Magazine (1978)
  • NJ Best Poetry, Prinpectrum, NJ Education Association Review (1979)


  • www.Jointfx.com
    Devoted to helping formerly incarcerated people and their families find success during and after prison. Includes correspondence between visitors, and Mr. Jackson’s response to helping them resolve their troubles.


  • The Iyanla (Vansant) Show (FOX)
  • Dayside with Linda Vester (FOX News Channel)
  • It’s Your Call with Lynn (Comcast Network)
  • On the Count w/Eddie Ellis (WBIA/AM radio)
  • Courier Post Newspaper (South Jersey)
  • CNNMoney.com


  • New Jersey Community and Corrections Working Summit: Impacting Communities of Color, Rutgers University, NJ
  • National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice national Conference, Jacksonville, FL
  • Prison Talk Online/Families of Prisoners Annual Conference, Houston, TX (2003), Orlando, FL
  • Mercy County Youth Alternative Disposition Panel
  • "Counting the Costs" Reentry Hearings Working Group


  • Big brother Big Sister (2002 - present)
  • NJ Law & Public Safety “Distinguished Service” Award
  • Edison Electric Institute “Excellence” Award 

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