Sample Support Letter to the Parole Board



Below is an example of a letter to the parole board. Your letter should be short and to the point. Adjust the sample letter to fit your situation. Insert your information (your name, inmate name, etc.) in the appropriate places. If you have additional information, such as a place to for him to live or letter from someone promising a job, you should include that information in the letter. Good luck.


State Parole Board

Street address

City / State /Zip


Dear Members of the Parole Board;


My name is (your name), and I am writing on behalf of my (son/husband/friend), (inmates name and number). I would like to ask that you grant parole to (inmate's name), when he appears before you at his parole hearing soon.

 I understand that my (son/friend/husband) made many terrible mistakes that negatively effected the lives of many people and resulted in him being sent to prison. I pray each night for my son and for anyone he may have hurt or caused harm.

(inmate name) is a good person and very sorry for what he has done. He just wants an opportunity to prove it. During his time in prison he has taken advantage of many programs that were offered to help him become a better person.

If he is granted parole his family is prepared to give him all the support he needs to ensure that he does not return to prison or a negative lifestyle again. Thank you for your time.


Sincerely yours,


(sign your name

& Address)